Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a month on...

So since my last ramblings, I have secured a full time job (painting exteriors) and continued to climb as much as I can.  It's amazing how optimistic I was about the recovery after two very brief sessions in July, however I intend to remain optimistic otherwise I'll become one of those FML people and that is not what I want.  

So yes,  a month on and I'd say I'm almost back to where I was during the summer.  I spent the first 3 weeks just getting mileage in, and did about 35 routes between 6a and 6c nothing mega but it was surprisingly refreshing.  I learnt a lot, and really began to enjoy the climbing for what it was...a chance to be outside and enjoy and enjoy myself with no red point pressures or in fact any pressure at all, as I never knew when the old pop eye's would bail on me.  Continually being out on the sharp end made me realise that during the past 4 years I've spent very little time o/s routes.  I guess through having such strong friends and being part of a group that progressed so rapidly I ended up skipping grades and just red pointing harder ones.  But I now know that I was missing out on not only great routes, that yes may be easy but get stars for a reason but invaluable skills about o/s route reading, resting opportunities and just pure mileage!!  So now that things are getting better, ive boshed a few 7a's and 7a+s out im excited to return to the UK with less strength but a stronger desire to be on the sharp end and really work on footwork and efficiency.  I'm not as strong as I was during my time at Uni but I reckon I can potentially climb harder.  

So here's to my recovery and last 5 weeks in a place that's become special to me (barf now) and to seeing my friends again.  I've never been excited to see people as much as I am right now.  So another quiet few weeks then back to the old red point pressures.... c'mon as if I still don't want the grades :)

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