Friday, 30 September 2011

Finishing up...

My last week is upon me and today is likely to be the last warm day of the year, fall is here the tree's are looking awesome and a dusting of snow on the peaks is only making the whole idea of leaving seem even worse.   Don't get me wrong I'm excited to see family and friends but feel like this past year has had a big effect on me and has opened my eyes up to the possibility of wanting to live somewhere other than the UK at least for the near future... I'm sure after a week or two of being back I'll have more of an idea.  We shall see! I've not climbed as much this past 2/3 weeks, and only been out a handful of times but each time was really good and on Tuesday I got on a final project.  I've looked at this route a lot when climbing in Cougar but didn't really think it would happen before I left, but now I've climbed everything else I wanted to do.  It will be my hardest red point to date if I manage it before I leave on Friday.  It was originally graded 7c+ but is now  generally regarded 7c.  Much to my surprise I climbed it in two overlapping halves, two times in  the session.  I actually think there's a good chance that I could do it and I'd be frickin stoked to pull it off, so fingers crossed that I can muster the guster and find people willing to belay before Friday!  

Project goes up the furthest left line of bolts

Mid crux on Chandelle 7a+

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