Monday, 25 July 2011

Back in Canmore..

So it's been just over a month since my forearms decided to play silly buggers and I'm now back in Canada.  Friends have graciously put me up until I find work and it's been great to see them again.  My first night back and Todd had me on the rye and coke from the get go!  Needless to say I was hammered by the end of the night and stumbled all the way back to my new abode.  After a summer of diet and no real drinking I suffered terribly the following day and was glad to get into my bed and sleep it off.  Since then I have turned 24 (Happy birthday to me) and had a couple of crag sessions.

First evening session took me to Grassi Lakes, a crazy venue with steep pocketed rock (old coral reef) but i've not seen anything like it before...very cool.  After 3 routes my forearms were shot, I still don't know what happened in Squamish but I can only guess that the severe swelling caused some tissue damage as I've been left a lot weaker.  Despite this though, it was great to get out and actually climb here, as during the winter it was out of the question.

Next day I was out again with snoop but this time we headed to 'Black feather canyon'.  A 40 minute hike from Lake Minniwanka's carpark (I think the name is lost on the locals, makes me chuckle though) and this small canyon no more than a few metres wide begins to grow and as you follow the canyon tall limestone wall appear at either side with surprisingly good rock!  At both ends of the canyon mountains hold the last of the snow from the winter making this one of the cooler venues I have seen, totally hidden amongst the forest.Ace.  The forearms were better this time and allowed me to get 6 routes before any discomfort, so I'm hoping that this is it, a slow start but a definite mark of recovery!  Fingers crossed each session will get progressively better!

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