Sunday, 10 July 2011


I've been avoiding this post for some time now, mainly because it frustrates the chuff out of me.  I was uber rested after time in Seattle, in good shape and full of psyche.  Squamish was supposed to be THE PLACE.  I was going to boulder harder, clip bolts harder and most importantly scare myself on the grand wall getting some big climbs in...  

The first climbing day was awesome.  Vanessa (an awesome chic we made friends with in Smith) was in Squamish too and offered us a ride to the Cheakamus.  I felt really good, confident on the sharp end, fitter and stronger..the rest had worked!! We all had lot's of fun and got some awesome climbing in, great day all-round.  At the end of the day leaving with excitement for the days to come, excited to utilise my fitness I spent the evening looking through the guidebook at things to get done.  Then something happened over night, that left me swollen and stiff... and im not talking about a dirty dream!  When I awoke my forearms were massive!  Just big blobs of swell and I could't straighten my fingers, they we so stiff.  This wasn't the usual post exercise stiffness or tightness of DOM'S I've experienced before it felt different and just frickin weird!  No one knew what it was and fearful of huge medical expense's I opted for the mature 'I'll just inhale ibuprofen and hope for the best approach'.  So there I am unable to climb, it's wanking down with rain as well and I'm trying to be positive and remain calm.  After 5 or so days or no real improvement I was done.  Pissed off, frustrated, worried and worst of all surrounded by amazing granite and people doing nothing but climb and talk about it.  I had to get out.  Steve was tired and out of a partner so between us it wasn't the icing on the cake we'd been hoping for.  I decided I was going to go back to Seattle and ride it out and Steve managed to get an advance on his flight date.  So that was it....FUCK!!

....over a week in and my arms appear to be normal again.  The swelling's gone and I have full movement and range back to my fingers.  I'm feeling good again and after lots of yoga, running and training...(I've been doing more  push ups than Mr Fawcett) and taking advantage of the fresh salad and fruit, I'm ready to get back on it!    I've really enjoyed being around my family, and I'm pleased I got more time with them.  I'm not going to climb until I fly back to Canmore (21st). So until then I shall continue to eat well, keep training and fingers crossed...crush the hell out of the rockies.

Vanessa, showing us what she's got 

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