Saturday, 18 June 2011

SleepMORE in Seattle...

The mother of all loads
49 days into the trip, 2 nights on a mattress, 2 on a sofa, the rest on the floor with no roll mat and I'm tired, correction we're both tired. I'm sure we smell, we have no clean clothes and wouldn't mind a bit of variety in our diet.  Luckily I have family in Seattle and there willing to put us up :).  

We arrived Wednesday evening after Matt dropped us in Portland and we took the train in Seattle.  Beds, daily showers, great company and big city culture have already provided welcome respite.  Tomorrow were going to watch the Mariners play Philli and yesterday we spent the day down town.  We went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) and rocked out in the 'jam' rooms.  We hung out in the sun, ate cakes, drank coffee and watched as fish and crabs were flung across Pike Place.

The original Starbucks

Awesome guitar sculpture at the EMP

I'm nothing but content right now, and excited for Squamish and seeing Sammy J.  But for now I shall continue to indulge until we get a ride north.

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