Saturday, 18 June 2011

The monkey face highline...

Me 'walking the line'
After meeting Jessie last week, we learnt that he was into or at least getting into high lining.  He told us about how he'd just put an order in for some kit from Europe and proposed that we head up to the Monkey face when it arrives and have a go at the high line. Obviously we both thought it was an awesome idea and an opportunity not to be missed.  However, when you get up there and your trying to will your leg to move and commit to walking, it's whole different game.  So the day arrives, the kit's all there and we hike up to rig the line.  Steve and I climbed the bolt ladder on the monkey face and rigged the line on that side and Jessie stayed on the land side.  We got it all rigged and traversed back across the line and tied in!

and he's on

It's so hard to get going, you stand there with the wind blowing, you know your safe but your keep looking at the knot, the anchors and the drop beneath you.  I couldn't make it the whole way across, I took lots of falls and kept going but just couldn't relax enough to make the distance.  Steve had the same problem but  Jessie was the hero of the day making it both ways and giving the crowds something to cheer about.  I think I enjoyed the whole experienced, it was a mixture of fear and excitement and I certainly felt drained by the end of the day.  I now have a new respect for the guys that do it higher, longer and even free!

and he's off

Jessie going for gold!
One day I will walk a complete highline!

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