Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Smith Rock...

After the long drive, great food and micro-brew beer or two i slept reasonably well on the sofa at Matt's house.  I never sleep too well on sofa's as they are often shorter than me, however I'm very grateful and appreciative.  Matt's goodwill extended to a ride to Smih Rocks via the supermarket and climbing shop so we were able to arrive fully stocked with food and a guidebook..super!

So were here at the camp site, shuttling food, cams, more cams, ropes and of course Tobius our sturdy home across to a spot amongst tree's on an open plain which looks out onto the rocks themselves.  A big meandering river flows at the base with big spires, dihedrals (corners) and arete's towering above it's murky flow and it's uber busy.  We've arrived on the sabbath of Memorial weekend and every man and his dog (literally) are here climbing or hiking.  So after a coffee we head on down for a taste of the new rock and to scope out lines from the newley purchased guide.  We find a free route amongst the crowds and get a couple of great routes done before heading back for an early night and noodles.  Good Start!

Smith Rock, view from out tent

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